Julius Caesar - The Anatomy of an Assassination

May 1997 StageLightand Magic Inc. Staged "Julius Caesar - The anatomy of an assassination" at the Lionel Wendt

Following on the success of “The Legend of Macbeth” it was decided to form a company with the intention of producing an English language play every year. At a meeting in late September StageLight&Magic Inc. was formed. The founder members of the company were Ifaz Bin Jameel, Chalaka Gajabahu, Nalindra Godakanda and Feroze Kamardeen. Having decided to do a version of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, StageLight&Magic Inc or SLM as it became known came up with a most innovative way of staging Shakespeare’s classic tragedy. The whole play was set in a modern city-state called Rome and Julius Caesar became a power hungry army general. The play then became a flashback told through the eyes of a news reporter, one year after the death of General Caesar. Featuring a star-studded cast, SLM’s production marked an important turning point for English theatre in Sri Lanka. The use of paintball guns on stage for the first time along with the use of film as a part of the play and a battle-scene that captured the brutality of conflict, the play became a ground breaker in many ways. With Jerome de Silva as General Caesar, John Benedict as Marcus Brutus, Dylan Perera as Mark Antony and Jehan Aloysius as Caius Cassius supported by a host of talented actors like Juantia Beling, Ruwanthi de Chickera, Michelle Perera, Sameera Gajabahu and Harindra Godakanda, the play saw many fine acting performances. “Julius Caesar – The Anatomy of an Assassination” firmly set SLM in the English theatre map in Sri Lanka and gave the company impetus to attempt bigger and bolder theatrical ventures.