The Legend of Macbeth

May 1996 "The Legend of Macbeth" was staged at the Lionel Wendt by the Performing Arts Company.

In September 1995 several young theatre enthusiasts met and discussed an idea that was to later culminate in breakthrough production 8 months later and that would pave the way for the birth of a trail blazing theatre company. The young group of dramatists decided to produce and perform William Shakespeare’s legendary Scottish tale – “Macbeth”. Under the artistic direction of Feroze Kamardeen, the group worked in earnest. Moving from place to place to find a shelter for rehearsal, scraping together every last cent for costumes, food and props, the production saw light of day in May 1996. Starring a host of the most talented young actors of the time the play, re-titled “The Legend of Macbeth” used a series of special effects including state of the art lighting, swordfights, which included a flaming sword scene and a rock-music inspired soundtrack. Playing to packed houses on all nights of the performance “The Legend of Macbeth” saw many stars emerge. John Benedict, who later went on to play lead roles in both “Julius Caesar – The Anatomy of an Assassination” and “Widows”, Ifaz Bin Jameel, who later established himself as one the best comic actors in the country, Michelle Perera, Samantha de. S. Wijeratne, Jehan Aloysius, Wanda Godlieb and Feroze Kamardeen who made his debut as an artistic director.